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Der startede jeg på at vise resultatet af mit arbejde for Hollandske HK Living. Jeg har lavet et lille IW med ejerne bag firmaet og derfor vil resten af posten være på engelsk.

Anette Eckmann, Stylist/ Writer/ Trend research/ Founder Eckmann Studio

Phone 004532543249

”I have been completely in love with HK Living for some years, and especially with their colourful

industrial lighting and rattan hanging chairs.

When founder Emiel Hetsen of HKliving made the booking for photostyling I went very happy and had to find out more of what makes the compagny SO HOT”.


Emiel Hetsen used to run an Antiques Business.

 What made you want to launch your own ‘modern classic’ design brand?

Because I used to do a lot of projects with antiques and I always “missed” certain items that I needed in larger quantities such as same/similar chairs, lights or tables etc.  I also found that there was a real gap in available interior accessories in the market. I could never find what I was looking for, so we decided to get it made ourselves.


HKliving was founded in the Netherlands in 2009.

We are selling cool and tough items inspired by the past and given an eclectic twist.

It is this combination that makes our collection so unique and cool!



Our Dutch view of designing new products shows in the purity and originality of the items we design and develop.

Inspiration for the brand is to fulfil a need for basic, good quality – 

and designs available for a reasonable price!

Main focus this year was tuning the collection in trendy colours and giving the collection a more contemporary twist. Completely different in this collection are for example the modern metal furniture with a totally different en refreshing design, and our new ceramic collection.

In a short period of time we managed to spread our brand all over the globe. Nowadays we sell in over 34 countries worldwide.

We became global!


How did you and Sander Klaver (HK Living’s Co-Owner) meet and what inspires the two of you when it comes to your brand?


Sander and I have known each other since birth.

In fact, our families have known each other for generations.

His grandparents were friends of my grandparents, our parents are friends, we are still good friends, and now Sander’s daughter is friends with my daughter…the connection between us is strong and probably one of the most important ingredients for the success of HKliving.

Describe your design ethos in five words:

Basic, Simple, Authentic, New, Fresh


Fuji Emerald

 Grønne Palmeblade

Varenr.: TF-OXY001


598,00 kr. PR. RULLE MED 10 METER

Tapeten er en non-woven kvalitet, hvor man smører klisteren på væggen og ikke på tapetet.


tlf. 23952025


Agent in Denmark

Strand Copenhagen

Elin Saeves

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